Private Lessons
All levels are welcome, whether professional or amateur, advanced, intermediate or beginner. We share our passion for music and performance by teaching at your level and we grow together from there. Private Lessons give you focused expert assistance to hewn your craft, your instrument, your music and your performance. 

We love what we do, and we warn you - it’s contagious!
Music and Performing Technique Lessons
Learn your instrument! Is it piano, keyboards, harp or voice?  Study master techniques in these areas. Study music theory, styles and literature - classical, broadway, popular, rock, jazz. Accompany yourself singing!  Sight reading is invaluable, learn the secret of how to do it! Learn the secrets of how to practice “perfectly” and how to perform under stress and still have a great time.   ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!!    CONTACT US TODAY!

(Age 5 and up)
Read Music, learn sight-reading secrets
Ear training - PLAY BY EAR!
Chord Charts - read and write them 
Finger technique (Beethoven-Liszt lineage)
Rhythm and timing 
Performance skills “Radiate your Uniqueness” stage/camera
Learn great songs you like (Popular, classical, rock, jazz, Broadway, Movie soundtracks, folk songs)
Accompany yourself singing!
Play with both hands

(Age 5 and up)
Your body is your instrument, we always start there.
Sing with your natural voice, build support for breathing...
Unlock your “golden voice” through our unique coaching and technics 
Power breathing for more expressive singing
Specialty vocal techniques to strengthen and beautify your tone
How to phrase songs
Learn songs you like
Create a character when you sing
Record your VOICE    

Find Your Authentic Voice
Open your throat energy
Breathing techniques to clear blockages
Break Through your fears of being HEARD
Express your Soul
SHINE like a star for yourself

(Age 7 and up)
Compose on your instrument
Write songs and lyrics
Learn song structure
Create Chord charts and music notation
Record in Garage Band or Logic Pro

Stage and Camera technics
Focus, energy, power
Character development and expression
Presence (yours is unique so SHINE!)
Prepare for auditions, TOTAL SUPPORT

(Different pricing than lessons CONTACT US FOR DETAILS)
(Age 11 and up - great for teens!)
You get 2 award-winning composers to teach you! (Ocean and Luma)
Learn to create moving film music
Logic Pro tracks and arrangement
Create suspense, comedy, drama, love-story, action music
Learn pacing, rhythm, instrumentation
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Luma has over 30 years musical experience and training in classical, Broadway, pop, film soundtracks and original composition. Her Hollywood and New York acting experiences in film, TV and theatre along side the likes of Kevin Spacey, Mare Winningham, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ned Beatty and others have trained her with invaluable tools to launch talented artists into a professional career or simply to master their heart’s desire.  

She composed the score for the new rock opera
Woman Of Light that was performed in Denver, Colorado and London. She was arranger and musical director for the 5-piece band and the cast of 22, which included a Gospel Chorus singing the elaborate rich vocal harmonies she created. Her other original compositions have also aired on TV and radio.  

She currently co-writes and performs with the band
Blue Summerstar and her partner Ocean, with whom she won “Best Film Score Music” at the International Moondance Festival and their original songs and soundtracks are available on iTunes, Amazon and Reverbnation.  

Besides performing and composing, she has been teaching and coaching for over 20 years in Los Angeles, Boulder, Colorado, and Santa Fe launching many talented students into professional careers with her powerful master techniques, including publishing original songs and music for her students.  She is the co-founder of the successful Star Power Team in Los Angeles, and was founder of “Kidsmusic Academy of Music and Performance” in California and Colorado, where she created unique programs, summer camps and private instruction for all ages.  Whether through private lessons or school programs she is offering her powerful presence and skills for students of all ages and levels to reach their DREAMS and GOALS to further their passion for music and performance.    
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OCEAN SUMMER  Voting member NARAS (Grammy Awards), ASCAP

Award-winning Film Composer, Singer Songwriter, Designer, Multi-Media Production, Producer, Audio Recording, Photographer, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur

Ocean was born to sing and perform his exceptional multi-faceted voices and 4-octave vocal range around the world. He was honored to receive multiple awards for his unique talent and his diverse and powerful voices have appeared in many movies and soundtracks.

It was destiny to be a musician from the day he was born in France and started his prolific music career after moving to Montreal, where he co-founded with his friend Nicolas, a band called Cashba with some musicians from the band “Men Without Hats” in the 80’s. The band became number 1 in Canada on indies chart and their video was on MTV and “Much Music”. He co-wrote the two hit songs “Here He Comes Again” and “Feel The Life”, which became a masterpiece video.

Ocean brings to the team his multi-faceted artistic talents and experience as an award-winning soundtrack composer, singer-songwriter, musician, designer, producer and visionary artist. Ocean is an exceptionally magnificent vocal artist and accomplished composer winning many prestigious awards and nominations for “Best Film Score” and “Best Composer” (Emmy, Canadian Grammy...) His unique style of soundtracks have been used on noble projects with Deepak Chopra, for NASA and others raising consciousness and promoting peace.   He has an amazingly diverse range of vocal beauty and power, and sings in a language of his own creation which carries the frequencies of the whales, Hathors, the angelic and fairy realms. 

He opened the World Peace Conference in Denver with Luma and was one of the celebrities singing in the Los Angeles video of “World Peace One” with actors like Patrick Swayze. He is a voting member for NARAS (the Grammys) and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).
Ocean is the lead vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter with Luma in their band, “Blue Summerstar” . 
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Ocean Summer, at The Grammy Award in Los Angeles with Penelope Cruz .
Next Steve Tyler and Ocean Summer. Ocean coach you and prep you for the red carpet.
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After only the second lesson my family and friends noticed a major difference in my singing and voice! My confidence has soared and i even auditioned for the TV show “TheVoice” and got positive feedback from the judges!
Robert M -singer