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The Ultimate Coaching Package for Talent Development

By renowned coaches Luma Lor and Ocean Summer

Imagine meeting two top professional musicians, award-winning composers, and performing artists who are sharing their secrets and effective techniques so you can quickly access your stardom.  In our world the sky
was the limit as we propel you beyond the earth’s gravity and guide you to be the shining star that you are.  

Imagine two coaches dedicated to your success from head to toe.  We analyze your look, your stage presence from make up to hair cut to be in resonance with your true essence.  We guide you to build a following fanbase on all social media from MySpace Reverbnation Twitter Facebook and cross-over marketing. 
We cover the basics: your voice, your pitch, training you, preparing you for a concert or audition for contest like “The Voice.”  We listen to your needs, help you overcome your fear.  We show you your best profile on camera, the do’s and don’ts.  We also have vast experience in new technology like iPhone, computers, apps to record or film you, and software like Logic Audio, etc. 
The ultimate coaches.  Music, performance, on-stage, on-camera, public appearances, bridgers of traditional music and voice coaching with marketing and social presence and promotion and technology.  Voting member of NARAS (Grammy Awards).  ASCAP songwriting and composing members, co-founders of Dolphin Muse Publishing company.  A vast array of experience in music and movie industries to coach and teach the Star that you ARE -famous. 

First meeting we video interview you and your goals.  It’s a fun way to see in just a few sessions your progress.

Musical Technique and Training Lessons
Many band members or singers often have asked us for help to augment their musicianship. Maybe they play by ear brilliantly or improvise singing but want to learn to read music, or how to read or even write their own chord charts, learn chord theory, etc. Maybe you’ve been singing since age 5 but now as an adult you realize you need proper technics to be able to sustain a professional career without losing your valuable voice. Many singers also want to learn an instrument so they can accompany themselves.   Maybe you are trained in classical pedagogy but want to transition to rock and need the jargon to communicate with other rockers.  Maybe you’re a rocker that wants to learn a Chopin piece and modify into a rock song, for instance, “Could It Be The Magic” by Barry Manilow. Want to write your own song and music?  What could be better?  Learn how to compose and write it for others to play.

Voice Coaching and Training: Lessons
Defining strengths and enhancing unique trademark sounds and styles of expression
Performance feedback and song/music choices
Training, vocal technique, strengthening exercises
Song study and phrasing for expression and power 
Releasing and boosting authentic voice expression
Stage and camera awareness, presence
Use of microphone live and/or recording

Music and Performing Technique: Lessons
Learn your instrument! Is it piano, keyboards, harp or voice?  Study master techniques in these areas. Study music theory, styles and literature - classical, broadway, popular, rock, jazz. Accompany yourself singing!  Sight reading is invaluable, learn the secret of how to do it! Learn the secrets of how to practice “perfectly” and how to perform under stress and still have a great time. 

Composing and Songwriting Lessons
What could be more satisfying than to express your soul through music and have others play it too?  We help you listen to your inner muse, allow the song to flow, catch it, record and then if you want to write it.  The thrill of hearing another musician play your music is incredible let alone the ability to publish and sell it! Luma and Ocean are critically acclaimed and award-winning composers from movie soundtracks to rock opera musicals.

Acting Lessons and Coaching Lessons
Preparing the instrument - your mind and your body. Camera technique “less is more - let the camera do 50% of the work for you”. Stage presence and technique (also good for rockstars, musicians and singers).  Music theater? We help prepare pieces for auditions, too!

Artist Development & Placement
For certain selected actors, models, and performers we coach auditioning, interviewing and placements with agencies, productions and job opportunities. 

Audition and Contest Preparation
Choice of repertoire of song or piece that matches the situation to present your Best and boosting your chances through practice, feedback and direction using camera and audio recordings. Consult appearance, clothing choices. 

Image Consultation
Your appearance (posture, demeanor, presence, energetics)
Your look (your clothes, hair, complexion, makeup,  define your unique style, matching resonance of the artist)

Branding Your Artist Name
Finding your true artists name is more than just a name, it also insures your privacy on the internet.  Also, having an extra name gives you personal distance which allows for a more objective perspective.

Today being a successful artist means to have great exposure. We Feng Shui your website, Facebook, Twitter and all social media to create a resonance with your goal. We look at your image, products and content to bring forth the Best of you to the public. You deserve it.